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Your Morning Date

And Naughty GFE

Do You Want Someone Who
Understands The Necessity

of both an emotional & sensual connection as a prerequisite for a mutually satisfying encounter?


Do you long for a compassionate confidante with whom you can comfortably share your secrets?


Do you want an honest, down to earth companion who is smoking, drug, alcohol & drama free?


If so ... I may be the one for you. My name is Kate & I've determined that the above qualities are essential for a lasting & fulfilling engagement. I'm also ...


Super relaxed & light-hearted which helps you feel that way as well. Our time together is capital F.U.N.!


I'm a mature companion. You won't feel like you're dating one of your daughter's friends.


I'm kinda nerdy square (with a naughty-where-it-counts side) which means I don't show up to your hotel or home with tattoos or piercings. I simply blend in, not drawing unwanted attention.


I'm GFE ~ translation ~ you gets lots of kissing, cuddling & passion ~ just like a real girlfriend!





  1. a climax of sexual excitement, characterized by feelings of pleasure centered in the genitals and (in men) experienced as an accompaniment to ejaculation

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